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My Marketing Adventure

The first time when I heard “Marketing” word was a quite weird and unusual for my ear. That was nearly 8 years ago when I was in high school doing some research trying to find a suitable university program that fits with my dreams and ambitions. I remember well that day when I asked my father about the meaning of marketing. He answered me clearly and concisely with five memorable words that I haven’t forgot. He said, “Marketing is the art of promoting products”. This answer was fairly adequate to comprehend marketing.

Throughout my life, I passed through five stations that enhanced my understanding of marketing. Each one was different than the other whether in terms of the way of learning and practicing marketing, or the quantity and quality of the knowledge and experience I have attained.

The first station was at university when I was taking the Business administration program. During that period, I learned the basics and principals of business and marketing. Since it was a university program, the way of teaching was classic based on lectures and lectures and more lectures; and on books reading sometimes. I can’t deny that my undergraduate phase was really beneficial but I can’t also deny that it was boring.

During my last year at year at university, I started my 3 months field placement at Volkswagen, one of the biggest cars manufacturers in the world. There I practiced marketing for the first time. I was really fortunate that I was placed in such big company when I applied everything I had learned like promotion and distributions strategies, public relations management and analyzing the market and customers behavior. Also, my field placement experience was an opportunity to know what is E-Marketing and what are ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and CRM (Customer relationship management) and deal closely with such high-innovated programs.

After I graduated from university I started working in the publishing and printing field. There, I applied new principles of marketing like design and graphics that appeal to customers’ tastes, customer’s relationship management, targeting new markets, in addition to evaluating products and adjusting them relying on customers feedback.

Recently, I have started a short advertising program in a different country with a new culture and language. It was really hard going back to school after two years in the field. But honestly, studying at college is totally different than at university. Studying marketing at college in a developed country as Canada was like a work experience at school. While studying, we learn and practice at the same time in amazing harmony and interactivity between the students themselves and their professors.

The fifth station is still undergoing until today and it will be over the future because it is the most significant one among the five stations. I’ve been reading books and magazines about business and marketing since university days. Because I believe, reading is the key to extend your knowledge, enhance critical thinking and be aware of the changes and developments in various fields.

Marketing is vital for every kind of organization and so it’s for me. I’ve found marketing to be a pleasant topic to study and the most enjoyable field to work in. I will certainly stick closer to marketing than any other field in my career. I’ve learnt a lot during the five stages I mentioned earlier and obviously I will keep learning more and more throughout my life.


When and Where creative ideas come up (2)

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” George Bernard Shaw.

I am going to start with the last thing finished with in my previous entry.  I posted a very interesting video about a young genius. He is a MIT graduate called Salman Khan, who could innovate a new way of tutoring that can completely change the mindset of education. This way is based on learning and practicing math and any other sciences on your own pace working on adaptive assessment exercises. In other words, we can start learning math from the simplest of operations 1+1 to the different complex operations and every thing in between. The rule is you can’t move to a higher level until you perfect the previous one just like learning any other thing in the daily life like biking, swimming and driving cars. The story how Khan came up with this creative idea is pretty funny and he mentioned it in the video I posted earlier. That video was  in one of  TED talks events in California. Khan online academy is a website that provide more than 2600 tutoring videos in different areas and Sciences.

Going back to my topic, The most important places and conditions where people usually come up with creative ideas in as mentioned in the book “The principles of Creativity” are, when we are working; listening to a boring lecture; attending a boring meeting; doing sports; walking at night; driving; taking a shower; before sleeping and the best one was when we are in the washroom. Ironically, every single point I mentioned above had happened with me in the different phases of my life and Reading those points made me remember some creative ideas my mind had come up with in the past. And like what was said in the book, most of them were come up in weird ways and situations, starting with the long hours I spent in my life taking shower or in the bathroom, passing by the most boring classes that I attended to the countless hours I spent in traffic jam ending with unproductive meetings I attended during my short work experience.

When I finished reading the book, I began reflecting for a while just to sum up the main points. I eventually ended up with two main results. The first is, creative thoughts and Ideas come up always when we are in the middle of doing something. The other one is that human beings’ brains have unlimited power. It can do what we can’t imagine. So, no more excuses for the people who always find excuses for their failures. The solution is clear and concise Awaken the Giant Within”   


When and Where creative ideas come up (1)

Two years ago, I started reading an interesting and enjoyable book titled “ The principles of Creativity”. I liked reading the book so much that I read more than four chapters of the book (which was nearly 180 pages) in four days. Even though I was extremely busy that period since it was the time of my graduation from university. Therefore, I was working on my final research paper, preparing my field placement’s report, in addition to looking for a job to start my working career.

The question that I was asking myself constantly at that time was “is this book really captivating that I can’t stop reading, or is it just an excuse to escape from doing my work which was more important? But honestly, what I can’t deny is that the book was greatly informative and inspired me and changed my “ entire thinking system” because every thing that is said between its pages makes your mind work more than its usual capacity; Also, stimulate you to think outside the box and widely expand your circle of imagination.

Last weekend, while I was browsing the Internet, I coincidentally found an electronic version of the same book I mentioned. I was so happy, I thought since I am bored and have nothing important I need to work on I’ve decided to resume reading the book. I quickly went through the four chapters that I read already just to refresh my memory and link everything together. As soon as I started the fifth chapter “ When and where the creative Ideas come up”, I realized that that chapter was the climax that had the most significant message in the entire book. Furthermore, that chapter is strongly associated with Media, communication and business, especially Marketing and Advertising, which is the program that I am currently taking. Thus, I spent enjoyable moments reading, learning, remembering memories and experiences from life and matching them with what is said in the book.

It was really a pleasure reading that book. Right after I finish reading it, I decided that I should share my thoughts on it in my next entry; especially the last chapter.

To Be Continued…

This video is really interesting…

The “Think differently” man.

I had already picked my topic for the second entry and I was about to start writing about it, until when I opened the CNN’s website like everyday to take a quick look at what’s happening in the world. When the page showed up, a big picture of a familiar face covered most of the main page and above the picture it was written in white bold font “ Apple’s Steve Jobs Dies”. I stared at the screen for a while and then I resumed reading the details of unfortunate news. At that moment, I forgot about the blog and all the other assignments and I started remembering everything that genius did for the world and humanity. Just before I went to bed that night, I decided to change the topic of my next entry because I found that its not fair to ignore the death of  the founder of Apple and write about something else.

I’ve Always been highly fascinated of Steve Jobs’ charismatic personality and his enormous imagination ability as well as his fabulous skills in persuasion and public speaking. Jobs for me was such a creative, ingenious visionary who inspired me and the whole world with his unique way of thinking and how he sees the world totally different than how people do. In addition to his high ambition and determination that brought him and Apple to the peak of success. I’ve witnessed the launch of the best products of Apple during the last decade such as The IPod, The IPhone, The I Pad…Every time I see Jobs with the same spirit, motivation, charisma and determination  despite the decline of his health; I see jobs’s confidence and his belief that he is the best and he is offering the best to the world; I see that Jobs is Apple and Apple is Jobs: And every time I see that I become more sure that he really meant it when he said “I am going to change the world”.

Steve Jobs was a mutation in the field of informatics and technology and obviously, his apple is going to be the most famous and important apple in the history after Newton’s Apple. Not only “Apple” who is going to be affected by losing him, but the entire world will wait years for a new visionary as Jobs to be born. Jobs was a school of imagination, cleverness, quality, Simplicity, success, innovation, creativity, determination and struggle. He could summarize all those qualities in one genius expression, which is the slogan of his company “ Think Differently”.

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