The “Think differently” man.

I had already picked my topic for the second entry and I was about to start writing about it, until when I opened the CNN’s website like everyday to take a quick look at what’s happening in the world. When the page showed up, a big picture of a familiar face covered most of the main page and above the picture it was written in white bold font “ Apple’s Steve Jobs Dies”. I stared at the screen for a while and then I resumed reading the details of unfortunate news. At that moment, I forgot about the blog and all the other assignments and I started remembering everything that genius did for the world and humanity. Just before I went to bed that night, I decided to change the topic of my next entry because I found that its not fair to ignore the death of  the founder of Apple and write about something else.

I’ve Always been highly fascinated of Steve Jobs’ charismatic personality and his enormous imagination ability as well as his fabulous skills in persuasion and public speaking. Jobs for me was such a creative, ingenious visionary who inspired me and the whole world with his unique way of thinking and how he sees the world totally different than how people do. In addition to his high ambition and determination that brought him and Apple to the peak of success. I’ve witnessed the launch of the best products of Apple during the last decade such as The IPod, The IPhone, The I Pad…Every time I see Jobs with the same spirit, motivation, charisma and determination  despite the decline of his health; I see jobs’s confidence and his belief that he is the best and he is offering the best to the world; I see that Jobs is Apple and Apple is Jobs: And every time I see that I become more sure that he really meant it when he said “I am going to change the world”.

Steve Jobs was a mutation in the field of informatics and technology and obviously, his apple is going to be the most famous and important apple in the history after Newton’s Apple. Not only “Apple” who is going to be affected by losing him, but the entire world will wait years for a new visionary as Jobs to be born. Jobs was a school of imagination, cleverness, quality, Simplicity, success, innovation, creativity, determination and struggle. He could summarize all those qualities in one genius expression, which is the slogan of his company “ Think Differently”.


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