When and Where creative ideas come up (1)

Two years ago, I started reading an interesting and enjoyable book titled “ The principles of Creativity”. I liked reading the book so much that I read more than four chapters of the book (which was nearly 180 pages) in four days. Even though I was extremely busy that period since it was the time of my graduation from university. Therefore, I was working on my final research paper, preparing my field placement’s report, in addition to looking for a job to start my working career.

The question that I was asking myself constantly at that time was “is this book really captivating that I can’t stop reading, or is it just an excuse to escape from doing my work which was more important? But honestly, what I can’t deny is that the book was greatly informative and inspired me and changed my “ entire thinking system” because every thing that is said between its pages makes your mind work more than its usual capacity; Also, stimulate you to think outside the box and widely expand your circle of imagination.

Last weekend, while I was browsing the Internet, I coincidentally found an electronic version of the same book I mentioned. I was so happy, I thought since I am bored and have nothing important I need to work on I’ve decided to resume reading the book. I quickly went through the four chapters that I read already just to refresh my memory and link everything together. As soon as I started the fifth chapter “ When and where the creative Ideas come up”, I realized that that chapter was the climax that had the most significant message in the entire book. Furthermore, that chapter is strongly associated with Media, communication and business, especially Marketing and Advertising, which is the program that I am currently taking. Thus, I spent enjoyable moments reading, learning, remembering memories and experiences from life and matching them with what is said in the book.

It was really a pleasure reading that book. Right after I finish reading it, I decided that I should share my thoughts on it in my next entry; especially the last chapter.

To Be Continued…

This video is really interesting…


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