When and Where creative ideas come up (2)

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” George Bernard Shaw.

I am going to start with the last thing finished with in my previous entry.  I posted a very interesting video about a young genius. He is a MIT graduate called Salman Khan, who could innovate a new way of tutoring that can completely change the mindset of education. This way is based on learning and practicing math and any other sciences on your own pace working on adaptive assessment exercises. In other words, we can start learning math from the simplest of operations 1+1 to the different complex operations and every thing in between. The rule is you can’t move to a higher level until you perfect the previous one just like learning any other thing in the daily life like biking, swimming and driving cars. The story how Khan came up with this creative idea is pretty funny and he mentioned it in the video I posted earlier. That video was  in one of  TED talks events in California. Khan online academy is a website that provide more than 2600 tutoring videos in different areas and Sciences.

Going back to my topic, The most important places and conditions where people usually come up with creative ideas in as mentioned in the book “The principles of Creativity” are, when we are working; listening to a boring lecture; attending a boring meeting; doing sports; walking at night; driving; taking a shower; before sleeping and the best one was when we are in the washroom. Ironically, every single point I mentioned above had happened with me in the different phases of my life and Reading those points made me remember some creative ideas my mind had come up with in the past. And like what was said in the book, most of them were come up in weird ways and situations, starting with the long hours I spent in my life taking shower or in the bathroom, passing by the most boring classes that I attended to the countless hours I spent in traffic jam ending with unproductive meetings I attended during my short work experience.

When I finished reading the book, I began reflecting for a while just to sum up the main points. I eventually ended up with two main results. The first is, creative thoughts and Ideas come up always when we are in the middle of doing something. The other one is that human beings’ brains have unlimited power. It can do what we can’t imagine. So, no more excuses for the people who always find excuses for their failures. The solution is clear and concise Awaken the Giant Within”   



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