Buying a Service = Gaining a Relashionship

Generally, every business is mainly based on offering one of the following: products and services.

When it’s about products, companies focus on the quality. Nothing else can be prior than offering a product with a good quality that fits the consumers’ expectations. Otherwise, a bad experience with a bad product would definitely make consumers stop purchasing it and immediately; they start looking for a better alternatives.

However, offering services is quite different; because the focus on only the quality of what your company offers or provides is not enough for the consumers. For instance, when we go out for dinner, is the quality of food the only thing we consider when picking a restaurant? Of course not, because we are able to leave any restaurant and not visit it again. Even if it provides the best food in the world, just because you or one of your companions were mistreated, or your order was ignored or was unjustifiably late, or any kind of misunderstanding happened between you and the waiter.

The same things would happened in the other services companies such as hotels and motels, clinics and hospitals, travel agencies and airline companies, schools and colleges, gyms and spas… and the repetition of such behaviors would cause a decay in any company’s reputation and a huge loss in profits.

Therefore, the rule is clear. When a consumer is buying a service, his highest priority is gaining a good relationship with the company. consumers’ behaviours are usually  affected by the way companies treat and deal with them more than the quality of the service. That explains the success of companies that essentially gives a great importance to developing good relationships with their costumers.

Companies now are rushing to hire the top skilled performers who can build and retain good and durable relationships with the customers.

Just while I was writing this blog, I remembered a lot of occasions when I changed my mind or had a bad experience about a company after the first time, before even trying their products or services.


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