Is it E-Marketing or E-ِِAnnoying?

How many times have you surprisingly found an unwelcome advertising message sent by an unknown source while checking up your email?

The same thing repeatedly happens with mobile phone messages; you receive messages every time from your phone provider or other sources that you don’t know, and encourage you to subscribe in service X or take advantage of service Y.

This phenomenon is Increasing enormously all over the world and I personally find my self in front of these messages every single day. I would have to delete them one by one. This operation takes a significant time and that is annoying.

The problem here is that companies consider that as a way of E-Marketing.

Indeed, nobody can deny that Emails and phone messages are effective and useful, but only if they are properly used. Otherwise, sending messages or emails randomly will certainly become annoying and affect your company negatively more than positively; because simply you might be sending message to people who are not interested in your offers and services and that may lead them to have a bad impression about your product, service and company in general. Eventually, your next emails will be automatically placed in the spam mail list.

Effective marketing is mainly based on promoting the right product to the right consumer and build a strong relationship with customers. That is what translates marketing efforts to sales.

The solution is no tto  stop sending emails and phone messages and start looking for other alternatives.  The solution is in organizing this operation and doing it properly, professionally and morally. Two factors can assure a professional practice of E-Marketing. First, considering the quality of consumer not the quantity when you deliver messages. Secondly, making sure that the information you got about your consumers are given to you legally and willingly.

To sum up, using emails in targeting customers is one of the most beneficial ways of marketing, but it should be done in an organized legal way. Otherwise, it will turn to an Inconvenience.


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