Media perspective

Thinking about buying media? Well, it’s no longer just about ad space or traditional print. Today media has a new perspective. It has to have a tight connection to the brand at the same time it distributes the brand with rich experiences online through social media …. social networks (like Facebook), videos, podcasts, RSS feeds, and maybe a widget.

Traditional media is still part of the mix. But only to the extent it’s needed to help create awareness of the online experiences waiting to be had with the brand. Just focusing on traditional, one-way awareness ads will surely make your brand seem stiff and too inwardly focused.
Today’s media buyers need to recognize that prospects no longer move neatly from one media touch point to the next. They move around, snacking on video, scanning a print ad, reading their RSS feeds in a feed reader, checking into their favorite social network, or just reading a few new blogs.

How customers engage with your brand through digital channels will ultimately define your brand!
Where is the buzz? Agencies that provide traditional media buying need to radically change their approach to servicing clients. Going forward, think in terms of three tiers …. traditional, to online, to social.


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