My name is Mustapha Makri, Iam from Algeria but I moved to Canada recently.  I’ve been living in Kingston, ON since September 2010 and I am taking  the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) program at St Lawrence college. I am looking forward to have an amazing experience and good knowledge at college and improve my skills and capabilities. I am graduate from University of Algiers 2008 in Business Administration (Management). Just after my graduation, I worked for a printing and publishing company for two years and I used to be the head of printing department. My favorite hobbies are reading, traveling, hiking, photography, graphic design as well as I am obsessed with everything related to media. Also, I like observing and thinking and trying to find creative ideas and solutions for critical issues. About sports, I like soccer, swimming, tennis, squash, ping-pong,  chess and lately, I started liking Hockey but honestly, I don’t know the first thing about ice skating :). My friends say that I am sociable, Collaborator, helpful, smart, creative, critical thinker, professional, flexible and funny…I can’t judge myself and say that I am everything they said, but usually your environment can see things that you can’t realize. About my future, I have many goals to meet and dreams to achieve and every thing is written down clearly and with details in one of my notebooks, and every thing will be published in the right time. However, my next step after graduating from the IMC program is starting a MBA program (Media Management) at Ryerson University.


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